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Lana is happy, she’s getting married to her first and only love in a matter of weeks. What makes her special is not her love, but her innocence, something her hot-shot attorney fiancé wants to preserve until their wedding night. While house-sitting for her parents on a seemingly normal evening, she ends up being taken. Waking up in a strange place with a strange man…

Angus MacLeod is pretty broken, moving across the pond to Toronto to start over. He tries to keep his past behind him but starting over isn’t easy when it’s following you. To try something new, he goes to a local BDSM club downtown, called The Boot & Strap. They have a weekly event where everyone wears masks for anonymity, a sensual submissive catching his eye…

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Happy New Year!

I thought it was time to write a wee blog post and update EVERYTHING. Cause, man, December was fast paced, and I had a ton to do.

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His To Keep: Book 2

Well, I’m baaaaaaack! I took a wee break to set up everything for my real name stuff. Now that all that is complete, I can

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