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Annabel Allan

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Well, I’ve been kind of stuck when it comes to advertising because Facebook has policies about “adult content”. My page has been flagged and I almost always get my ads rejected on those grounds. But, today I was surprised when FB offered me a credit to my account. I decided to try and post an ad, which I was for sure was going to be rejected. It wasn’t! I know this is going to be few and far between, which kind of sucks for an indie author…especially an indie erotic romance author.

I kind of rely on word of mouth, which was working last year. I made it to #1 in Australia for erotic romance. It was the best feeling ever! Even better was #5 on the UK one! Sadly, things have slowed down to a stand-still. I’m hoping that with a new book to come out (Edgeplay, hopefully), that I’ll be able to get sales back up.

Reviews and ratings really help though! That’s how YOU can help! Just leave a review, good or bad, on Amazon or Goodreads, as well as the rating. Also, if you loved Wildfire, you can read the other books, request them at your local library, and share with friends. It’s greatly appreciated! Let’s get to #1 again!

As the title says, INSTAGRAM! I started up my Instagram page once again. I have it connected to my FB page, so you can easily follow it. I did this because I want to keep my Stephanie O’Hanlon professional Instagram separate. You can follow that too, just by clicking HERE. I’ll try not to spam you guys with pointless pictures! Haha.

Xoxo Annabel Allan

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