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Annabel Allan


Well, I announced it on FB, but not over here on the website!

Three amazing things happened in the month of October–number one, I swiftly got my rights back for the Smoke Chaser series & the e-book formats are no longer available for purchase (the paperbacks are also, but the marketplace has copies). This is the end of that era of Smoke Chaser, which was 5 years in length (2015-present).

Second amazing thing! I decided to query Blushing Books with WILDFIRE, as I found out through research that they do re-releases (on a case-by-case basis), especially if it is a series. Well, they have decided to take it on! This is going to usher in a new era for Smoke Chaser–it will go through A LOT of developmental editing. Though the story will stay the same, the re-release of WILDFIRE will have added/tweaked scenes in it as well as a new cover.

And THIRD! I mentioned to Blushing Books about SUBMISSIVE TENDENCIES and they requested the full manuscript. Well, you guessed it, they’ve signed that too! I had intended it to be a stand-alone, but I do have ideas for making it a series, which is what the publisher wants. So, there will be more of that universe!

Right now, my schedule is pretty simple: I’m working on my next manuscript, which is a PNR (ghosts) set in Victorian England, titled ETERNALLY YOURS. The first 4 chapters are up on Wattpad HERE. I have a deadline for it, as I want to pitch it in PitMad on December 3rd. That’s my main focus for the rest of the year. Having said that, when I get my WIP finished, I may squeeze in the rewrites for A FRENCH QUARTER VAMPIRE over the holidays, as they won’t take me too long.

Come the New Year (probably February), I will most likely have the edits for SUBMISSIVE TENDENCIES. It will be published BEFORE the re-release of WILDFIRE, as WILDFIRE needs a tad more finesse before going live again.

I always do up a tentative schedule for each year, of projects I want to tackle. First project of the year I intend on working on is the fourth instalment in GP, MASTER AND SERVANT & then I’ll be doing the Christmas short, LEATHER XMAS.

There IS a fifth instalment for GP (TAKEN IN HAND), but I may write Reichen’s story, HIGH IMPACT, first. So, that’s on the schedule for the year, as well as the Stephanie Douglas horror DEATH CHARM.

I am waiting on word about another project to be released, one of my historical romances. I will update that as soon as I get the okie dokie!

Xoxo Annabel Lee.

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