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Annabel Allan

Health & Work Updates

I *almost* forgot to update on the goings on!

Health Update:

My surgery date has changed from February 10th to Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021. We had hit a snag with the Feb date, as he was unable to secure a second set of hands. Unfortunately, the fibroid has grown to ~13cms, so someone is needed to assist. 

My surgery is to start at 10:10am & I will be out *hopefully* at 12:50pm. We are trying for a laparoscopy, which will mean either I go home same day OR one night in hospital. I have sleep apnea, so they may want to keep in for a night as I recover from the anesthetic. That’s plan A. 

Plan B is being cut open; this will result in a two-day hospital stay. I’m thinking it’ll probably end up being plan B…but we won’t know until he gets in there and can assess. Good news is, the ovaries are staying, but the uterus & cervix have to go, along with that pesky fibroid. 

Work Update:

I completed ETERNALLY YOURS on December 30th of 2020. It has been beta read 2x, with another 2x expected in the coming weeks. Once I have the notes, I will be editing it once again in preparation for PitMad on Twitter on March 3rd. Yes, the day AFTER my surgery! I’m going to have the tweets scheduled & then when I’m recovered from the anesthetic, I’ll send out my queries, IF I get any bites. 

Current Projects:

  • First up, which I will be completing *hopefully* this weekend, is F/F short MIDNIGHT QUEEN for the LGBTQI+ anthology my publisher, BVS, is going to release this year. I have a deadline of April 30th—I plan on having it submitted by mid-February at the latest. If my publisher likes it, I’ll get the contract and it will be in the set of stories this fall.
  • Once I complete MQ, I will move on. I really enjoyed writing EY. It was a wayback playback to when I used to write PNR in the beginning of my writing career. It was also a sweet romance, which was difficult for me—I’ve been writing smut for 6 years now and it’s super easy to fall into the sexy stuff. Thankfully, Vincent kept me on track with his story! Now, because I enjoyed it, I’m going to do throwback to my sweet historical romances. I’m visiting upon my Paris universe in the Rococo Romances with a shiny NEW idea; titled STUPID LOVE. 

The Rococo Romances are set in the 18th century, hopping all over the period in France. Each story is a stand-alone about a different couple but is connected by one secondary character—Madame. She will have her own novel where she is the MC, but that’s not for a while. I plan on closing out the series with it, in the future, when I get there. 

So, that’s what’s on my schedule right meow and is my WIP. I’m aiming b/w 90-100k words & I’m hoping to have the manuscript completed by end of April. I am going to post chapters on Wattpad, like my two previous manuscripts, which will motivate me to stick to it.


  • The Rococo Romances are established with LIBERTINE IN LOVE feat. Donatien and Antonia in 1766 Paris. It is a sweet romance (which I had not intended, but through editing has turned out that way) and again, a stand-alone…for now! 

I’ve shortened the novel from 148k down to under 110k. It’s in edits right now, so that number will continue to go down. Then my publisher is going to re-read it and if they like it, there will be a contract in my inbox! That’s one of TWO projects submitted. 

  • Second project is FRIGHT CLUB. A modern erotic PNR, sort of Sookie Stackhouse x Anita Blake, ~80k words. My publisher was quite excited about this project, which I wrote back in the summer of 2015. It’s the first instalment of the Bite Scene series and I kinda put it on the back burner for a while, which I’m glad I did! Vampires seem to be making a comeback, what with Midnight Sun being published this past summer AND True Blood being rebooted.

I’m waiting on my publisher to read it, then hopefully accept it and send me a contract to sign. Not too sure on when that will be released…maybe in October? We shall see.

 Publishing Queue:

  • SUBMISSIVE TENDENCIES is slated for publication soon from Blushing Books. I’m still waiting on cover art to approve, as well as edits to complete. I will announce the release date as soon as I have the cover art. 
  • WILDFIRE was also accepted by BB for re-release. I’m hoping it’ll be this year when it is re-released with a new edit and cover. There will be tweaks to the story and it will be worthwhile for you to repurchase if you already have the Accent Press version, the first edition.

  Scheduled Projects:

  • On my schedule for this year is Goode Pain 04- MASTER AND SERVANT, as well as 4.5, LEATHER XMAS (short). My plans for GP is another three books, bringing us up to seven instalments, plus the spinoff stand alones AND a new series that will branch off of GP, feat. a new Dominatrix. These are just plans for now; as I revise my schedule and complete M&S, I will then probably add the 5th instalment (titled HEADSPACE) onto it for later in the year.
  • I will be working on the sequel to SUBMISSIVE TENDENCIES for Blushing Books as well. I have to get my edits for ST back and also some direction from the publisher before I dive into the second book. It’s a toss up b/w M&S and the sequel to ST after STUPID LOVE.
  • I have a plan for the 5th instalment of the Smoke Chaser series (FIREBREAK), but I need to have the entire series re-released with the rewrites before I can write it. I do have the first scene written, but that’s about it. There is also a Christmas short (FIRESIDE), but again, it can’t be really touched until I have the whole series revised & rewritten.
  • Of course, if FRIGHT CLUB is accepted, I will be complete the second instalment, CARPE NOCTEM. I have ~40k words (so, halfway through) already done on that, as I hit a snag and was blocked previously. Bite Scene is planned as a big series—I have 13 instalments on the docket, so far, most of them planned out. It might take me a while to get through them though! Haha. 
  • I have a Stephanie Douglas horror novel as a POSSIBLE PROJECT for the schedule.


  • I usually do daily retweets, but I have found this to be a bit spammy. I am cutting down the retweets to JUST on Friday, as well as release dates for my author friends and fellow BVS authors.
  • I do have my review podcast, which I am taking a hiatus from until after my surgery. I will continue to work through BVS books and post my reviews, once I have recovered a bit.
  • With the release of SUBMISSIVE TENDENCIES, the website will undergo a facelift. Just a few stylistic changes, something to update it and make it easy on the eyes.
  • When I complete M&S, I will be submitting it to BVS (of course!). There will be a cover art reveal, a release party, and a giveaway, as well as two podcast interviews to celebrate. 
  • I am also going to order some copies of EDGEPLAY, which I will be signing and putting up for sale on my Etsy shop. I’m going to work closely with a friend to create some swag as well, that will also be available in the shop. I’m leaning towards signed manuscript pages too.
  • A new logo will be created for the brand of Annabel Allan, along with business cards.
  • An idea was thrown at me about doing readings for GP and posting them on YouTube.
  • I made a trailer for EDGEPLAY and will be making trailers for HARD LIMITS and RIGGED, as well as for M&S when it comes time for publication and I have the cover art.
  • Blog updates will be boosted to 2x a week, in the spring.
  • A monthly newsletter will also be e-mailed out to those who subscribe to it, probably starting in the summertime.

That’s about it! I will try to update as much as possible in the coming weeks. 

Xoxo Annabel Lee.

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