Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

My 2020 Schedule

Well, I updated the blogs on my other website,, so I figured I would hop over here to update my Annabel Allan followers!

My schedule has changed, as it does occasionally (all right, all the time!). Master and Servant is no longer my WIP, but an Isabelle Merteuil work is.

Who is Isabelle Merteuil? She is my pen name for my historical romances! See my other website for information on her and her current project, as well as future plans.

The super secret project is still due to be written in the spring with a Stephanie Douglas horror work to be written in May. MASTER AND SERVANT will be moved to either the summer or autumn, depending on where my head is at. OR I may pick another Goode Pain Universe story to write.

BUT HARD LIMITS is still coming out this year! Soon, I hope. No word yet on the release date or preorder date, but once I have them, I will inform everyone. Same with RIGGED (which may come out 2021, so be prepared for that).

OH! The NEWS! I am happy to announce that I have started a PODCAST! OHMYGOD. So, two episodes are out right now; the first is 15 mins, and the second is just under 30 mins. I was going to have a schedule for them, but I feel like I am less nervous when I don’t put pressure on myself to record. Third episode will go up either this week or next for sure though.

You can find my podcast under WIPS & Chains on both SoundCloud and the Podcast app. It’s basically about being a writer, but also about body and sex positivity. It’s more of me rambling on for half an hour, but hey, I have had people listening and liking it! So, there’s that! 🙂

More info anon, when I have updates!

Xoxo Annabel

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