Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

Saturday Spankings! Edgeplay by Annabel Allan



I walked over slowly, each step resonating in the loft. I pouted my lips a little bit as I looked over his ass, still red from spanking him bare handed. I then swung the paddle, hitting his ass and making him grunt in pain.

“How many for your insolence? You bad puppy,” I said, swinging the paddle again and hitting his right ass cheek, hard.

He grunted again, taking each hit. Three, four, five. I stopped at ten, walking over and grabbing a flogger before strutting back over to him and letting out a series of whips. I didn’t hold back, enjoying the weight of the flogger in my hand, as well as his grunts and moans as it connected with his skin.

Edgeplay by Annabel Allan
Edgeplay - Annabel Allan
Edgeplay- Book One of the Goode Pain series

About the book–>

By day, Ava Goode is in the insurance game, getting her work done and being a model employee. But by night, she retreats to her secret world where she Dominates those that seek to submit to her.This private world gets turned upside down the moment she meets Gabriel Burton; a man who is not only successful, but works for her father—and dating men in her father’s office is a big no-no. But, it’s hard to resist your deepest desires, especially when they kneel before you and kiss your feet, like a good boy.


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