Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

Saturday Spankings! Hard Limits


“You like what you see, Mistress?”

I let my head fall to the side, disappointed. I grabbed his ear again, dragging him over to the cross, pushing him on it.

“You will learn your place!” I yelled.

He stepped up on the cross, which I secured him to. I then grabbed my favourite flogger and went to town. I whipped his little behind, the plug snug inside of him, no doubt causing the most delicious sensation whenever his ass tensed. I smiled wickedly. I would teach him manners.

I lost count, stopping only to feel his ass, to see if he was warmed up. He barely made a sound the whole time, which made me go harder, faster, trying to push his limits. That is, he was silent until I touched him. Then he let his head fall back and made yummy sounds.

Hard Limits by Annabel Allan
Hard Limits - Annabel Allan

Hard Limits- Book Two of the Goode Pain series

About the book–>

Ava Goode feels like she’s living in a hazy lusty dream, working at her friend Julius’ BDSM and Swingers Club and then coming home to her sexy man, Gabriel Burton. Things are pretty peachy, until she runs in Reichen Shepherd—a bratty submissive new to the club. He catches her eye, their lust for each other obvious, even as she punishes him for his behavior. It soon becomes a dance between them, Ava considering how far she can go, especially without crossing the line of infidelity and hurting the man she loves.

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