Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

The Return!

Well, it’s been quite the hiatus for the blog and work in general for me! I apologize for the silence, but it was definitely needed.

The last blog I did was at the beginning of February. There was a reason for a bit of a hiatus, especially from that specific date on; as some know, I was slated for major surgery, first for February 10th, but that got switched to March 2nd. What everyone doesn’t know is that there was a possibility that it wasn’t going to happen on the 2nd of March too! Thankfully, everything worked out and I had my surgery on March 2nd, 2021.

Coupled with running around last minute and doing tests, I was too stressed out and I just didn’t have time to do much of anything. I didn’t even have time to really prepare for the release of Submissive Tendencies. Thankfully, the release went swimmingly, & we’re making sales! I also have quite a few reviews for it too.

The surgery went kinda as planned, though I did lose quite a bit of blood and had to stay in hospital for two days. Pathology came back last week and everything turned out a-okay, save for the fact that I had endometriosis and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease underlying the fibroid. So, the whole kitten-caboodle had to go.

I was planning on getting back to work almost two weeks ago, but my recovery from surgery had a major setback–I got an infection. So, I was very ill and had to deal with that, being put on bedrest until the end of April by my specialist. I legit can’t do anything really, save for read, write, & watch TV. I’m even sleeping on the couch while I heal. No complaints though! I’m pleased to say that I feel 1000% better.

So, this blog is titled THE RETURN! The plan is to, well…return! I will be doing weekly blogs, as well as starting up my review podcast again, retweets, and general promo. I have three books for sure I will be doing reviews for in the coming weeks, so the re-launch of the Annabel Allan brand will be the first week of May.

Now, having said that, my next project is NOT AA-related. In fact, I’m promoting AA, but I will also be re-launching my real name work, which is under Stephanie Douglas. I kinda had to take a break and focus on being Annabel for a while to find my bearings.

So, we’re still two weeks away from the official comeback, but know it’s coming!

Xoxo Annabel Lee.

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