Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

Cool for the Summer

I took my little mental health pause and I feel much better! Today, Monday, July 6th, I’ve had my first day back at it, and I feel pretty good about it. 🙂

I received the edits to approve on Thursday for RIGGED, but I put it off until today because I wanted to give as much focus to it as I possibly can to it. I’m already 50% through it. It looks pretty damn good! Very few errors to worry about and just clarification really needed. A little tightening up, if you will. I will be done for sure tomorrow and will be sending it back, approved with minor changes on Wednesday at the latest.

I also received my promo pictures and did up some new ads for Twitter & FB, so that means that we are VERY close to a preorder and release date! I guess I should get on to writing MASTER AND SERVANT…

Due to the heatwave we’re having in the GTA, I will be probably writing a lot in the next few weeks. I finally have an air conditioner, so sewing (which is what I have been filling my time with this past month off) is put off because I want to keep as cool as possible and not use too much hydro. So, I’ll be writing on a Stephanie Douglas work, which I gave myself a deadline for–September. I will probably be doing NaNoWriMo & that will be an R. M. Draven work. So, GP04 is on my schedule for early 2021, and I want to do GP05 as well next year. That will leave me open to write whatever I feel like, but it will probably be SUBMISSIVE TENDENCIES.

Those that follow me know that I really make these schedules as a guideline. I rarely follow them because the muse has a mind of her own and what she says, goes! But this feels comfortable and doable, especially because I’ve done three of the GP series in a year. So a little break will be nice, focusing on other projects until next year when we can get dirrty again 😉

I know I’ve been teasing an AA-related announcement, and we’re close to it…VERY close! I’m hoping it will bump up sales, as they’ve been a bit quiet since COVID-19 hit.

I hope everyone is well, & hope to write another AA blog soon.

Xoxo Annabel Lee

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