Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

Edgeplay- Excerpt

Chapter One

I bit my lip, my icy blue eyes watching the clock as I shifted in my seat at my desk. 
It would only be another five minutes and I would be free—another night in my own little world. Just the thought of it made my nipples harden, and I clamped my legs together to try and calm my aching thighs. It wouldn’t be just another night, not for me. And Thursdays were always my favorite.

Another three minutes, I thought.
My breasts started to heave beneath my shimmery pale blouse, which I had modestly undone. It didn’t stop the men in the office from looking over my body; a pleasing hourglass shape. Those men didn’t concern me. What would they say if they really knew me?
I licked my full lips, holding onto my pen tightly. Only another minute. I swallowed hard, my heart speeding up, almost too much to bear. I knew I could look forward to another good night. I could feel it. 
The second the clock hit five, I jumped out of my seat, quickly gathering my things. I tried not to look too frazzled, or too eager to leave. Truthfully, I did like my job … most days. I just didn’t want any questions asked. 
I pulled on my black blazer, which matched my pencil skirt, before taking my purse from the drawer and heading to the elevator. I pushed the button quickly, a little zing of electricity zipping through me, my fingertips tingly just at the thought of leaving the building. 
“Hey, Ava.”
I turned to my name. “Hey Zander,” I said, recognizing my co-worker who sat a cubicle over from me. 
I had to admit, he was a handsome guy; not too tall, but extremely well built. He had a thin, square-shaped face, his blue-green eyes deep-set, his hair a little fine and blond … but he was never on my radar. I had other things on my mind …
“You headin’ with everyone else tonight to the pub?” he asked.
I tried to smile, shaking my head as I casually pushed the button for the elevator a few more times. “No, I don’t really drink.”
“Oh, you don’t need to drink,” he said with a perfect smile. “It’d be nice to see your pretty face outside of work.”
I shook my head again. “I have plans.”
“Oh…boyfriend?” he asked.
“No,” I said as the elevator opened, finding the notion a little funny. “Just…plans.”
We both got onto the elevator with a few other people, the doors closing behind us.
“Wish I could get you to change those plans,” Zander said to me in a husky voice. His shoulder met my own, and he gazed at me hungrily; a look I knew all too well. But, again, he wasn’t on my radar. 
“I’ve had these plans for a while, I don’t want to cancel,” I said, looking straight ahead. In all reality, Zander was nice, but he didn’t have the extra special quality I was always on the lookout for; truth be told, not many guys at all had that quality.
“I see,” he said, taking the hint and going quiet.
We rode in silence until the car came smoothly to a stop and the doors whooshed open. I stepped out first, my purse slung over my shoulder and sitting on my hip as I walked across the lobby with a confident strut. No one else bothered me as I made my way out to my car, parked in the underground across the street.
I walked up to my little silver Mazda, unlocked it with the fob and got inside. I looked up, checking my shoulder-length white blonde hair in the rearview. I adjusted a strand before I glanced over the rest of my features—my small nose, perfect lips, big eyes. My makeup was still in perfect order, as I expected, so I started the car and backed out of the space.
I made my way, twisting through downtown Toronto until I came to the Entertainment District. I found the little building easily and parked down the street. I took off my blazer, tossing it in the backseat. Being late May, the weather was decent, with a touch of humidity on the air. Besides, I wouldn’t need the blazer.
I grabbed my purse and got out of the car, locking it behind me. The building stretched up before me, the sidewalk quiet. I punched in the code. The anticipation slowly ate away at my insides, making my heart shake from nervous shudders.
The door unlocked, and I pushed it open to a little foyer and a steep staircase leading to the second floor. I ascended them carefully in my heels, made my way to the first door down a long hallway and pulled out my keys.
I took a deep breath, pushing my shoulders back and holding my head high as I unlocked the door. I took another little moment as a small smile pulled at the corner of my mouth. I finally pushed the door open and walked inside. 
I turned, tossing the keys and my purse down on the little accent table to my right as I closed the door behind me. I locked the door, a sly smile crossing my mouth as I turned around.
The single flat spread out widely, the walls painted white, the ceiling smooth with a crystal chandelier dripping down from the center. My eyes fell upon the St. Andrew’s Cross sitting on the wall. The steps beside it led up into the bathroom, the kitchen off from that in the back of the unit. The sturdy metal four poster bed fell under my gaze next, the windows behind it giving a view of the street. Thankfully, only a gas station sat across from the building. There was no fear of anyone seeing inside my private world of Domination and submission.
I smiled again and walked over to the cage, inside which was a man on all fours, wearing a ball gag, studded collar, and nothing else…save for his chastity device—a see-through cage trapping his cock inside. 
“Oh, my poor little puppy,” I said with a mock pout. “You’ve been all locked up. I think it’s time we do a little playtime.”
He simply bowed his head, which delighted me, and another wicked smile spread across my lips. I stepped forward and unlocked the cage, letting him out. He crawled out on all fours. He didn’t dare stand up, nor was it a thought in his head. He simply crawled over to me and put his cheek down on my foot, nuzzling into it. This, of course, pleased me, but I had to remember my place as well as his.
“Well, my little puppy,” I said as I turned towards the room. His cheek ripped away from my foot. I honestly didn’t care. “You know my fucked-up mind has been thinking of all sorts of ways to make you suffer since our last session. I wasn’t impressed when you called me without permission and asked if you could jerk off. Naughty, naughty.”
He didn’t say anything, obviously unable to because of the ball gag.
“But, on the other hand, you asked and were denied then…so maybe I should take it easy on you,” I continued, looking out the window, speaking as if he wasn’t even there. “Then again, what fun is that?”
I turned again, walking to the wall and opening a long cupboard. A variety of toys were inside. I pulled out a pair of nipple clamps and walked back over to him.
“Stand,” I ordered.
He did as I said, quickly standing to his feet. A tall man, probably about six foot, his abs and chest were chiseled and waxed perfectly. The hair on his head, cut short and kept off his face, had a salt and peppery look, even though he was only in his thirties. His green eyes met with mine, his knees red from romping around on the floor.
“I think we should adjust these a little tighter than usual,” I said, turning the little screw on the clamps. My eyes met with his again. “You remember the safe word?”
He nodded once, but the fire in his eyes told me he did not plan on using it, no matter what I did to him. Such a good little puppy! 
“Good,” I said, a thrill going through me to my toes.
I put the clamps on him. His face winced slightly before he took a deep breath, stood up nice and tall and pushed his chest out to me. I examined him, stopping at his cock, which was, of course, still locked in chastity…after a week, he was surprisingly composed. He had a copy of the key, but I knew he wouldn’t dare take it off. He was a good puppy—most days. 
“I think first we’ll take this off,” I said, stroking the plastic enclosure. “I think we need to examine you a little further.”
I walked over to my purse and took out the little key. I brought it over, holding it out in front of him, dangling it like a bone. I couldn’t help the wicked smile that overtook me. His little puppy eyes plead with me, so I snatched it back, then finally undid the chastity and took it off.
I simply stood back and watched as his cock grew, no longer strangled by the device. I tapped my finger on my cheek, waiting for his cock to be fully erect. I then smirked, walking over to him and stroking his cock slowly.
“So, my little puppy,” I began as he shuddered under my touch. “Where to start? Ah, yes! You will turn, present yourself. I want to check your ass.”
I let go of his cock as he turned and walked over to the bed, resting his palms down on it and pushing his ass out to me. I walked after him, then stroked his back and down his butt cheek before delivering a hard slap. It echoed throughout the room, making my palm vibrate and feel a tinge of pain; his whimper followed.
I let out a little giggle as I smoothed my hand over the large red handprint on his skin, ran my hand down to his balls and caressed them. I then placed my other hand on him, spreading his cheeks and looking over his perfectly clean and waxed asshole—exactly how I demanded it to be. 
I did my examination, pouting my lips. “Perfect. I think we’ll be playing a little bit with Mister Softie. Would you like that, my little puppy?”
He nodded his head once, though I knew he hated the use of the pink dildo. I let go of him and delivered another hard slap, this time on the other cheek. Another thrill went through me as I shook my head.
“Lies do not become you, my darling puppy,” I said.
He hung his head low, not making any reply…not that he could.
“Stand,” I demanded.
He turned quickly and stood before me. I undid the ball gag from the back of his head, took it off and tossed it on the bedside table.
“Worship my feet,” I said, looking away from him.
He got down on his knees, bending and kissing my foot delicately. He planted many kisses on them, making me smile before my eyes widened with an idea. 
“I think you should ride the machine,” I said excitedly. He hated the machine, but only because he would not be allowed to come. Of course, that just meant he really loved it, loved every minute.
I pulled out the machine—a padded bench to be straddled, with an attachment of your choice hooked up to it for penetration, or just for clitoral vibration. I grabbed one of the phallic attachments, a small one meant for the prostate. My puppy didn’t have a clitoris, but he did have a glorious asshole!
I ordered him to set everything up, while I grabbed some shackles from the cupboard. I was getting tired of doing it myself, and really, what else was my puppy for? He placed a condom over the phallic attachment, then stopped and turned to me, putting his hands behind his back.
I was delighted, as he knew I planned on binding his hands! I quickly shackled them behind him. I then grabbed the chain for his nipple clamps, tugging on them and causing him to hiss. 
“Sit,” I said, pointing with my other hand.
He swallowed hard, straddling the machine and lowering himself onto it. I tilted my head, watching as the attachment had a little trouble entering his puckered entrance, but it finally slipped in, causing him to moan, his whole body jittery as he looked up to me.
I sauntered up to him and bent down to turn on the machine. The vibrations hummed throughout the loft as his legs shook on either side of it. He let out another moan. It only took a few moments for it to work on his prostate before he looked up to me again—the anguish, the pain, the desire, so obvious in his little puppy eyes.
I watched him, tilting my head to the side again, looking to his hungry cock. I wanted him to suffer because I knew while suffering he was really enjoying every minute, which I enjoyed in return. We fed off of each other. It was like my drug.
“Hmm,” I said. I took hold of his swollen cock, purplish around the head, quite stiff in my gentle grip. He obviously hadn’t touched himself, and I had made him wait nearly a week, teasing him yet making him abstain. “You have been a good boy. Haven’t you?”
He nodded, moaning. He held on, even as I slowly caressed his hard cock, up and down, teasing the tip.
“Well, I guess you can come…but not quite yet,” I said with a sadistic smile.
I turned the machine down low and then off, which caused him to jolt a little. Precum gathered at the tip of his cock. I loved it! He was close. 
I turned on my heel, walking over to the bed and standing before it. I pointed to my feet. “Come here. Now.”
He used everything in him to stand, unassisted, from the machine. Leg day had obviously paid off. The phallic piece came out of his ass easily, making him grunt from the sensation. He walked timidly up to me and got down on his knees before me, his hands still bound behind him. 
“Oh, we are a good boy today, aren’t we, my darling puppy?” I asked as I patted his head. I then caressed his face down to his chin and pulled it up to me. “Now, I think you will use that puppy tongue of yours.”
I hiked up my skirt, pulling my panties off and dropping them to the floor, before taking off the shackles binding his wrists. His eyes lit up, as he was one of those who enjoyed cunnilingus. He loved it, and he was pretty damn good at it. After the day I had had, I needed it.
I got on the bed, seductively turning to him and spreading my legs for him. I pointed to the spot between my legs. “Come here.”
He quickly got up off the floor and onto the bed, looking down to my bare sex with delight. He knew not to touch, not yet. I gave him a little smile, rubbing my sex a little, feeling the wetness and spreading it around, tickling at my clit.
“Do you like what you see, my darling puppy?” I asked.
He nodded vigorously. 
“Good. Kiss it,” I said, pulling my hand away. “But gently.”
He leaned down to me, his lips and breath so close to my skin before he sweetly planted a kiss on my swollen lips. I closed my eyes for a moment, savoring the pulsing within me; the ache had been present all day! Truth be told, I’d denied myself since our last play session a week before. I needed it, badly.
“Now, lick it, like a good puppy,” I said, my breathing picking up in anticipation.
He looked down to my sex, lowering his head once again and licking from my taint right up to my clit. I shuddered, my toes curling from the wicked sensation.
“Use that tongue on me,” I demanded. “Make me come and then maybe I’ll let you come.”
The light went on in his eyes as he lowered to me once again, giving long slow licks, just how I liked it. One…two…three. My legs started to shake as I let out a little moan. He circled his tongue around my clit several times before lapping at it, just like a good puppy.
I gasped as an orgasmic pulse ran through me, my hand suddenly going to the back of his head and pulling him into me. He didn’t stop, even with his face buried in me; he kept licking like his life depended on it. If anything, his pace sped up. I moaned loudly as the pleasure mounted, my legs buckling as I tried to keep them in check.
I felt an orgasmic shock shoot through me as he put his fingers inside me. He turned them up, massaging my G-spot, which only made the pleasure heighten.
“Shit,” I managed, pushing my hips up.
It all came rushing over me like a tidal wave. It mounted, sucking everything out of me, pulling away from the shore and roaring up before it exploded, coming crashing down on me. I tried to contain it, but it overflowed, bathing me in the euphoria. I couldn’t help but drown in it.
Of course, he didn’t stop, letting me bask in the glow until I finished. I put my hand at his forehead, pushing his head away. “Enough!”
He pulled away, panting, my juices covering his mouth and chin. He didn’t dare wipe them away—again, like a good puppy. Except, he wasn’t so good.
I sighed, taking a few more moments to enjoy myself before rolling over and getting up off the bed. I pulled down my skirt; his face was expectant, his cock bobbing, no doubt painfully, and his desire obvious. Some guys go soft while going down on a woman…but, nope, not my puppy. 
I crossed my arms. “What? You expect to come when you used your hands without my permission?”
He blinked a few times, not only realizing his faux pas, but also that wasn’t going to get the orgasm he so badly needed. The light of excitement drained from his eyes. He definitely looked like a slapped puppy. 
“You expect me to reward you for bad behavior? What kind of Mistress would I be?” I asked, grabbing the chain on his clamps and yanking it down. “I think we need a visit with the paddle.”
He kept eye contact, not wavering. His confidence only thrilled me more, as I knew he hated the paddle and how rough I could be with it.
“Present yourself,” I demanded.
He swallowed hard, putting his hands on the bed, bending over and presenting his bare ass to me. I smiled as I walked over to the wall and grabbed the circular leather paddle. It was my favorite to use, especially on my puppy.
I walked over slowly, each step resonating in the loft. I pouted my lips a little bit as I looked over his ass, still red from spanking him barehanded. I then swung the paddle, hitting his ass and making him grunt in pain.
“How many for your insolence? You bad puppy,” I said, swinging the paddle again and hitting his right ass cheek, hard.
He grunted again, taking each hit. Three, four, five. I stopped at ten, walking over and grabbing a flogger before strutting back over to him and letting out a series of whips. I didn’t hold back, enjoying the weight of the flogger in my hand, as well as his grunts and moans as it connected with his skin.
Once his ass was good and red—he obviously wouldn’t be sitting comfortably afterwards—I tossed the flogger down on the bed beside him. He panted heavily, but kept his head bowed.
“Hmm,” I said as I thought. “I’m thinking we need to lock you back into chastity for the next week, until our next session. Maybe that will give you a little incentive to do as you’re told.”
I could see by the way he tensed he wasn’t pleased with that notion.
“But…we still have a few hours, so I could change my mind,” I said. 
I then smiled slyly. Yes. We had nearly the rest of the whole two hours he had arranged. Plenty of time for my darling puppy to make it up to me and show me he was a good boy.

Chapter Two

My name is Ava Goode and I’m a Dominatrix.
Of course, you wouldn’t really know it by looking at me, since my day job is as an insurance agent. Suits are my usual. But, yes, I’m paid to Dominate both men and women. I’ve always identified as bisexual, knowing I like women as much as men, though I’ve never had a relationship with a woman. I guess I’ve always been too scared to take the leap. But, just sex? Yes, I can do that.
Not every Dominatrix is paid for their services. I went for the pro-Domme field because I figured if I was going to do it, I might as well. And, hell, I’m good at it. Again, why not?
I can usually tell if someone is submissive by nature. It’s a feeling I get. Then again, sometimes I get muddled by personal attraction. I just hope and wish the person is submissive. Sometimes I’m wrong. Sometimes I’m right.
I sighed as I surveyed the ballroom, filled with my father’s employees as well as business partners and business prospects. I sipped at my champagne, alone in my corner. 
I honestly didn’t know why he invited me to such parties. I wasn’t really expected to mingle, but my stepmother was also there, and, not to be outdone, I had to wear the sexiest dress I owned. My father wouldn’t be impressed with how it hugged my figure, clinging to my curves. It was a sexy black number with the back cut out and the front diving deep, almost to my belly button. I didn’t care. My stepmother was not going to win prettiest or sexiest at the gala.
My father is my only family. An only child, I lost my mother when I was seven to cancer. Truth be told, my present stepmother isn’t the first. My father was married two times prior to her, and each woman got younger. In fact, the present one is only two years older than me. That was the last straw for me.
When I was eighteen, I changed my last name to my mother’s maiden name of Goode. It hurt my father’s feelings, and that’s exactly why I did it. At least I still called him Dad and not by his first name. It could be worse, I figured. 
I was bored, standing in my little corner. I scanned the room once more, stopping on a man speaking to an older woman, older than myself. I was only twenty-eight, coming up on thirty, but still considered young. This woman in red was most likely in her fifties.
Just the sight of him made me crazy, a warm rush overcoming me and a pulse surprising me from my sex. He was incredibly sexy—tall, muscular, the rugged manly type. It seemed odd for him to be wearing a suit—he could have been a bodybuilder or a lumberjack. He had long brown hair that curled behind his ears, a beard on his chin. Again, rugged, manly, beyond sexy. 
Then he let loose that incredible smile and I finally knew where I had seen him before; it was Gabriel Burton, my father’s new CEO, transferred from out in Vancouver. My heart fell. It was a serious no-no to date or socialize with my father’s employees. He would have a shit fit, and that was an understatement. 
I thought about it, weighing my options. I could introduce myself and flirt, or I could stay in my corner. But, to be honest, the swirl of desire in me was eating away at my insides, the little devil on my shoulder whispering that talking to him couldn’t hurt. In all honesty, I wanted to know him; I wanted to know if he was submissive.
I quickly scanned for my father, finding him speaking to another group of people. He was busy, so what would it hurt to go over and introduce myself? Gabriel Burton, the new boy in town. He could probably use a little company, someone more his own age, a contemporary. Or, at least, that’s what the devil on my shoulder said…and I was convinced.
I licked my lips and headed over to him. I approached, giving my best smile, a confident smile, because I was confident. 
“Hello,” I said.
He turned; his brilliant brown eyes, the color of chocolate, stared into me, surprising me. They were deep, beautiful, stunning. I was also hit with his cologne, which, again, was manly. It was what I expected, what most men wore, too, but it nearly floored me.
“Well, hello,” he said, his eyes quickly looking me over, taking in the dress.
The woman in red, who happened to also be blonde, sighed as she saw she’d lost to the younger, prettier woman. She turned and walked away, leaving us to our conversation.
“It seems I’ve saved you from an awkward encounter,” I said, glancing to the older woman, who was now at another young businessman’s side.
“Yes, I should thank you,” he replied with a frown as he looked to the other woman.
“No need,” I said, “I’m really over here to cause trouble anyways.”
“You aren’t busy with your boyfriend or husband?” he asked.
I burst out laughing, shaking my head. “No, no boyfriend, and certainly no husband.”
“Not the marrying type?” he asked.
“Not really the relationship type,” I replied, eyeing him hungrily. 
I had let my puppy eat me out twice more on Thursday evening, but I actually hadn’t had sex in almost a year. A lot of people think BDSM is all about sex, but even with my puppy, he didn’t really expect actual intercourse. He expected me to Dominate him, and of course, there was a sexual aspect with him, in denying him his orgasm and such. He wanted to be my puppy and all it entailed. Of course, he didn’t pay me for the pleasure. I had met him at a BDSM club and he worked his way up to being allowed to be my puppy. 
It was also true that as well as not having had sex in almost a year, it had been nearly eight years since I had had a relationship. It didn’t interest me. 
“Oh,” he said, nodding as he glanced to his champagne, his eyes constantly coming back to me. “And what type are you?”
“The casual type,” I said with a little shrug, the heat from his body sinking into me, making me feel drunk almost. I tried to clear my mind, even as I stared into those brilliant brown eyes.
“Casual is good,” he said, faintly smiling, obviously enjoying looking at me.
“I guess I should let you in on a little secret,” I said, leaning into him seductively.
“Oh? What’s that?” he asked, doing the same, playing along.
“I’m breaking the rules,” I said with a little sly smile.
His brow furrowed. “What rules?”
“I’m Ava Goode,” I said, putting out my hand to shake his.
His eyes widened a little bit, his brow high on his head, before he cleared his throat and nodded. “I should have recognized you from your picture in your father’s office.”
I winced a little. “Let me guess, my high school graduation photo? My hair is a mass of golden blonde curls?”
He let loose a sexy smile. “Yep, that’s the one.”
“How embarrassing,” I said, as I covered my face a little with my hand. “I’ve asked him a hundred times to get rid of that thing.”
“It’s cute,” he said, looking me up and down. “I’d say he keeps it as a reminder to his staff that they should see you as his daughter, a little girl, rather than a beautiful young woman standing before me.”
I felt my cheeks flush warmly, as I looked to him from under my long lashes, that little smile spreading across my lips. “I believe you’re flirting with me, Mister Burton.”
“I believe you are also guilty of it, Miss Goode,” he said, his eyes ablaze with the hunger I knew all too well. But…something was different. It sent a thrill through me, one I hadn’t felt in a long time.
Oh no, let’s not go there, I thought to myself.
“Ava?” a familiar voice called.
I turned to see my father approaching. I sighed, looking away, beyond annoyed. He wasn’t pleased either. But he usually wasn’t pleased with me, so no big there.
“What?” I asked. My father was a stocky bald man whose demeaning presence sank into my skin, making me want to run. I didn’t want to be yelled at, but, at the same time, I knew I had to stand my ground.
“What are you doing?” he asked, looking to Gabriel.
I licked my teeth in anger. “I was talking with Mister Burton. We hadn’t met formally, and I thought it the perfect occasion.”
“While you look like that,” he said bluntly, pointing to my dress.
“You don’t like it?” I asked, doing a sultry turn, looking from under my lashes to Gabriel, who widened his eyes in shock.
“That is enough!” my father said, grabbing hold of me and pulling me back to my secluded corner. “I asked you to come here to support your father, not flirt like some…some whore!”
“Don’t you ever call me a whore,” I said seriously, looking him in the eye, not backing down.
“I never said you were, I said you were flirting like one,” he said, his hands on his hips. “He’s a man I work with, Ava.”
“And I should care, why?” I asked. “I was talking to him, not fucking him in front of everyone.”
“I don’t like that language,” he said, his blue eyes swirling with rage.
I sighed angrily. “I can speak to whomever I want. I wanted to meet your newest team member, so I did. Since you were so rude the last time I was at the office and wouldn’t even introduce us.”
“I have my reasons,” he said, “especially since I saw the way you looked at him. The way every woman has looked at him since he arrived.”
I caught a glimpse of Gabriel, who was talking with another man. I hated my father for snatching me away from him, especially when the conversation was going so well. Had I planned on taking him home? I didn’t know. I did know I couldn’t take him to my dungeon…though everything in me wanted to. I couldn’t really get a sense of him. I wanted him to be submissive, but, I will admit, my own lust was clouding my judgment.
The thought of him on his knees before me, calling me Mistress, kissing my feet…it was enough to set my thighs on fire, start a deep need yanking in my stomach, and make my sex ache with desire. But not many men were open to being submissive.
“I told you I didn’t want you flirting with my staff,” my father said, cutting into my thoughts.
“I’m allowed to have a conversation with someone,” I said, getting angry. I was really getting angry now, especially since he had dispelled all the desire in me.
“Not with him,” my father said, raising his finger to me. “I mean it, Ava. You are to stay away from him.”
“Do you want me to leave? It seems like it,” I said, knowing he wanted me there that night. Threatening to leave seemed like the best thing I had in my arsenal.
“No, of course not,” he said, quickly backtracking. “I want you to understand, Ava. I can’t have my staff and my family getting too comfortable with each other, especially in a romantic capacity. What would happen if you two were to break up? Would I be expected to fire one of the best CEOs the company has ever seen?”
“You act like we’re dating. I was just talking to him!” I yelled. Thankfully, the tinkling music from the piano in the room drowned me out. I didn’t want to make a scene in front of all these people, but, hell, I would do it if I had to. I needed to get my point across. “I’m not a little girl, I can do as I please and see who I please and talk to who I please.”
“Not Gabriel Burton,” he warned, his eyes dark with a don’t-hassle-me, end-of-subject glare.
“Fine,” I said. “Are we done?”
He nodded, standing up straighter. “Yes. I think you get my point.”
“I did five minutes ago when you dragged me over here, rudely, I might add,” I said, taking my glass of champagne and downing its contents. “I’m going to leave.”
“Ava, honey, don’t,” he said, grabbing my arm as I started to turn.
“Why should I bother?” I asked, shrugging.
“Because I asked you to be here and you gave me your word,” he said.
“I’m still fuzzy on why you wanted me to be here so badly,” I said. I pointed to Gabriel, who was now watching us. “After all, I’m expected not to talk to any of your staff.”
“I don’t want to mix business and pleasure,” he said, lowering his voice. “I have a big deal coming to fruition; I need Gabriel Burton for it.”
“Noted,” I said, still unimpressed. It was moments like right then that I wanted to tell him everything. I wanted to tell him I was a Domme and I had my own dungeon and clients, and BDSM was my life. Sadly, I’d never had the guts to “come out” to my father about it. He would never understand. No one ever did.
“Will you stay?” he asked.
I nodded reluctantly. “Fine.”
“Good,” he said with a little smile. He then kissed my cheek, which I allowed, though again, reluctantly. He turned and walked off, back into the crowd.
I stood, stewing. Again, I thought of telling him everything. I really wanted to leave my insurance agent job so I could pursue my dungeon full-time. But, there was no way to do that without lying to my father…unless I came out about it. It wasn’t on my agenda.
I stood, staring after Gabriel Burton as he laughed a little. Everything in me ached. I felt like I was on fire, my cheeks flushing as I thought of him pounding into me, using his entire body weight. Then again, I liked riding just as much, and the thought of being on top of him, topping him in general, was enough to give me the sweats; my mind clouded once again with the thought of hot sex.
Of course, I knew I couldn’t. My father was one obstacle, and the second was Gabriel’s obvious masculinity. How was I to introduce him to the lifestyle? Would he be receptive? I didn’t know, and I knew I wouldn’t.
I took a moment before I shook my head, turned and headed out.


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