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Annabel Allan

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Now that it’s the 1st of May, I can start to get back into work! I’ve thrown myself into the swing of things, hoping that I can keep up with the momentum. In doing that, a few things are going on…

What’s new:

Firstly, a new episode of the podcast went up. Second, I’m back to writing! I’m now working on Ava’s fourth instalment. These go hand in hand, as I am hoping to split my time with re-reading my next review piece and writing, making my word count goal each day.

Really, this blog isn’t about updates though. I wanted to sort of explain what the Goode Pain series is and where it’s going in the future, with future instalments.

Edgeplay - Annabel Allan
Edgeplay by Annabel Allan

So, what is Goode Pain?

Goode Pain is a series, Edgeplay being the first book. It is an erotic romance novel that features a Dominatrix. I’m using those words very specifically! Mainly because FemDom is often lumped into the “taboo erotica” genre.

No matter how “mainstream” BDSM gets, a female Dominated relationship, whether just in the bedroom or not, will always be seen as taboo. I really want to change that way of thinking.

Erotica vs Erotic Romance:

Now, I want to reiterate that my series is erotic romance. What does this mean? It means that there are the kinky, naughty bits, but at its core, it’s a romance. I also throw in that thriller aspect as well, just to keep things interesting.

But it’s still a love story…Ava loves Gabe. They face the normal relationship troubles, have the same lust, angst, disagreements, passion, and tension that a vanilla couple has in other romance stories. It’s just there is also the erotic element, and in this case, a BDSM element.

Where do we go from here?

My goal for the Goode Pain series was ALWAYS to bring it mainstream. That’s the way I write it. I write it like it’s meant to be made into a movie, have a huge following, start a revolution! I want to show there is nothing taboo about a woman taking the reins in a relationship, especially in the sexual aspect.

I don’t write it like it’s naughty and forbidden. Why? Because it’s completely natural.

Annabel Allan

Now, is BDSM for everyone? Nope! And that’s totally cool! Is erotic romance for everyone? Again, nope! And again, it’s totally cool.

Does a romance need to have the naughty bits? Nope! But I think that a spicier story is just more fun. Isn’t that what reading and escaping is about? Having fun and enjoying the world that you’re being welcomed into.

Closing thoughts:

As Annabel Allan I will always write erotic romance.

My main point here is that everyone is different and enjoys different things. If you’re up for a little adventure though, why not try out Edgeplay? I promise that it’s not as taboo as you would first think…and I definitely don’t write it that way.

Xoxo Annabel Lee.

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