Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

Hard Limits!

Well, after almost a month or so of a break, I’m back on Hard Limits (Goode Pain 02)! I’ve almost done ten pages today. I know, I should be working on it now, but I need a break after all those pages!

I’ve sent Edgeplay (Goode Pain 01) out to a few agencies, hoping for some interest. If not, I have a few publishers that may be interested…hopefully! This is all a waiting game. I was sure that I would have a deal in the works by now, but all good things to those who wait, I suppose. :/

But, Hard Limits is going pretty well. I think I now have a good groove. I do have to take it easy though, as I have school for two more weeks. Though, I am not continuing on with school in the fall, for personal reasons.

I also have another idea for Annabel Allan, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to it. I thought I’d get to it before finishing Hard Limits, but that changed. I’m glad to be working on something, at least! I was going mental without a WIP on the go.

Is there anything you would want to see from this website in the future? Do you have any questions I could answer? Leave a comment below!

Xoxo Annabel Lee.

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