Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

His To Keep: Book 2

Well, I’m baaaaaaack!

I took a wee break to set up everything for my real name stuff. Now that all that is complete, I can move on to Annabel Allan stuff, once again!

His To Keep: Book 2 mockup cover

The Series:

My OG plan for Submissive Tendencies was a stand-alone. Then when it got picked up and I saw the possibilities for making it into a series, I wanted to do the second book as FemDom–problem! My publisher doesn’t publish FemDom. So, I racked my brain to figure out a way to make the series work. I didn’t want the second book to be a regurgitation of the first. I think I found a happy medium!

The Second Book:

The second book, which I have entitled Domino Effect, is going to be split POV between Angus and his love-interest Gracie. If you remember, Angus is Euan’s cousin. Well, Angus makes the hop over to Toronto and gets into the BDSM scene–that’s right, he’s gonna be the Dom!

The title is a play on the fact that masks are also called “dominoes” and they are prevalent in this book. You’ll see when I post the blurb 🙂

The Plan:

My plan is to begin writing Domino Effect by the end of June and have it complete by August/September. I want the same publishing schedule as Submissive Tendencies. So, it will be submitted no later than November, and hopefully published in 2022, in February.

I will be posting chapters on Wattpad when I have them. That will be set up in the coming weeks.

In closing, that’s all for this little ditty of mine, but I will be writing more blog posts as I write the next book. I will be posting the first two chapters for Submissive Tendencies in its own post, like I have done with Edgeplay and the Goode Pain series, so far.

Xoxo Annabel Lee.

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