Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

New Release–Domino Effect

I let a little smirk loose as I realized she was mine.

-Angus MacLeod, Domino Effect by Annabel Allan.
Domino Effect by Annabel Allan

Now Available from Blushing Books!

The second book in the His To Keep series by Annabel Allan, “Domino Effect”.

Angus MacLeod is pretty broken, moving across the pond to Toronto to start over. He tries to keep his past behind him but starting over isn’t easy when it’s following you. To try something new, he goes to a local BDSM club downtown, called The Boot & Strap. They have a weekly event where everyone wears masks for anonymity, a sensual submissive catching his eye.

Gracie Crawford is an experienced submissive in the world of BDSM. She isn’t collared or even seeing anyone lately, keeping her appearances at the local club, The Boot & Strap, pretty tame. One night at the Masked Evening at the club, she meets a new Dom who can make her world turn upside down with a simple touch. Gracie can’t get enough, returning to the club weekly, just for a small taste. It’s sparks and fire when they wear their masks. What happens when the masquerade is over?

This is book two in the His to Keep series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary BDSM romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, danger, adventure, action and a happily ever after.


This novel is a BDSM romance/traditional D/s story with thriller and suspense elements. It is dual first person POV–from Angus and Gracie’s perspective.

The series will continue with the final instalment, “Taming Embrace”. More info on that in the future!

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Xoxo Annabel Lee.

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