Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

Hitting the Wall

Well, I had an amazing two days with over 30 pages on Hard Limits. I hit a bit of a wall though, and it’s been a week of me trying to tap into the muse. It’s been rough going, with no pages, a print out, a read through, a beta reader, and now I’m back at my desk, writing a blog post instead of writing on my manuscript. But, worry not, I’m still pretty sure that it’ll be complete by the end of the month, if not early February.

I, truthfully, feel rusty. I mean, it was the summer when I finished Edgeplay, which I hope to hear from the publisher I queried sometime this week…hopefully. It could be another two weeks until I hear anything, a negative or positive response. I’m fairly confident it’ll get a positive one though, get a manuscript request.

Good news is, the Goode Pain series has at least another book in the series, as well as two spin-offs. I might work the spin-offs into the series though. I’m not one hundred percent on it yet. Ava is such an interesting character that I think I want to explore further in her world, from her perspective. I guess it’s a “we’ll see” situation!

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