Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

New Series!

Well, as the title says, new series is in the works!

Edgeplay, which is the novel I just finished writing, is the first in a new series that has two sequels planned out. The series is still unnamed, and I have no idea how many installments I’ll end up with. I’m going to be doing it similar to Shayla Black’s Wicked Lovers series; secondary characters get their own novel. The only difference is that I’m going to keep it in the world of BDSM and each one will be in first person of said character.

The first installment follows Ava Goode. Yup, a Dominatrix! I noticed that a lot of the mainstream BDSM novels are…well, dominated by men being the Dominant. I want to change that. I want a kick-ass heroine that knows how to bring men to their knees! So I’m exploring that with at least the first two novels. The third may follow a female submissive. AND, they will each have a story line involving some mystery and suspense.

Edgeplay currently is with an agent, so hopefully they like it and decide to sign it. I will do a separate post on it once I’m sure of what’s going on with it. It may be a little bit of wait. It’s already been two weeks (I know, I’ve been counting!), so it could be another week or two until I hear anything on it. I hope for good news! But I’m prepared, no matter the outcome.

So, next novel I’ll be working on, probably will be the second installment in this series (kinda thinking something like Kinked or the like), which is titled Headspace. As usual, synopsis will come soon…maybe. It’s a bit of a spoiler for Edgeplay, so I might keep it under wraps.

I hope those caught in the heat are keeping cool and those in the cold are keeping warm! I know a lot of my readers are in Australia, and you guys are experiencing winter right now, so keep warm! 🙂

Xoxo Annabel Allan

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