Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

Submissive Tendencies Updates

As I mentioned on my Twitter, we are on track for release for SUBMISSIVE TENDENCIES, and that I know of, we expect to make the original release date assigned. I will reveal said release date when I have the cover art.

I have been told I will receive edits next weekish. I work fast on edits, so hopefully I’ll have the cover art at the same time/soon after.

I had intended for Submissive Tendencies to be a stand alone at first. But the publisher likes a series, rightly so! My original plan was to follow secondary characters & make it a trilogy. However, I wanted the 2nd book to be from a male POV and FemDom. No dice, as the publisher rarely publishes FemDom and they prefer female POV or split perspective.

So, PLAN B! I decided to make this a trilogy still and follow my plans of a stand alone. Each book will follow new characters and stand on its own, only having the theme in common, which will be a female MC discovering she’s a submissive from her POV.

Tentative title for the series is “Her Submission” AND the second instalment is titled “Dominant Touch”. I have a title for the third book, as well as the main couple’s names, but that’s as far as I’ve gone with it.

DOMINANT TOUCH will follow Grace Baxter & her discovery of being a submissive through being Dominated by Noah Archer. I’ll reveal a blurb when I have more of the story written.

I actually am wavering between GP04- M&S and HS02- DT for my next WIP. I do have more of M&S done, but I’m kinda thinking I want to flirt with new characters for a wee bit. We shall see!

Xoxo Annabel Lee.

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