Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

Summer Lovin–it’s definitely a blast!

Now that it’s July, we’re in full summer swing! We’ve got quite the line-up for the summer, with all the goings on. And thank you to everyone for loving “Domino Effect” so far!

“Domino Effect” by Annabel Allan.

I’m not quite done celebrating the release of HTK2, as I have a few more takeovers this month, and plan on keeping it going into August 🙂 I will post the upcoming ones on my Instagram for anyone interested in keeping up & chances at winning free goodies!

So, let’s go into it!


Since I last gave an update, Blushing Books expressed interest in my releases coming out a teensy bit closer together. So, with that in mind, I have hit the gas pedal & I am working on the third and final book in His To Keep, “Taming Embrace.” I’m going to try my hardest not to swap it out & submit it ASAP.

My plan is to have it complete by the end of July. I’ll know if that’s possible if I can make some solid pages this week. Then I *think* that it will have a release date before the end of the year…we’ll have to see where I get on the release schedule.

Future with BB:

This ties into my schedule! In my last blog, I touched on that I have three projects for BB ready to be written; two stand-alone titles, and a new series. Well, now I have a loose plan for my remaining project slots.

First up in September is the first stand-alone, “Breathe Slowly”. It’s a billionaire romance/thriller. Then in November, I will hopefully work on the new untitled series with the first book, “Memory Serves”, which is trad D/s with thriller elements & suspense. Of course, there is a chance I might swap out the new series book with the second stand-alone, “A Kiss At Midnight”, also trad D/s, but more drama than thriller.

Either way, this will round out my year with 5 projects complete, & BB will have three titles to release, giving me a chance to work on other projects next year.

What about BVS?

Ah, there is more to come with Black Velvet Seductions!

A wee update: I’m not gonna be too cocky, as I have yet to receive word on whether we’re a go for the fourth in Goode Pain, “Headspace”, BUT it was hinted that it might just be, and if it is, we may do that back-to-back release of GP4 & GP5!

If so, maybe I’ll have an idea on the release date, as well as cover art and whatnot.

More Ava still?

YES! Yes, yes, yes! There will be more Ava…but not until 2024, most likely. So, I’m pushing that back. I do still have the sixth novel (which is actually “Taken In Hand”) set up, but it’s not on my schedule yet, even for next year.

HOWEVER: I do have blurbs for not one, not two, but THREE spin-offs. One focuses on Hank Wright, which is on my schedule for November of 2023 TBW.

Again, this is all loosey goosey. If the Muse says I need to work on a different story, that’s just how it’s gonna happen. *shrug*

And Smoke Chaser?

Well, I do have plans for my debut series. SC5 (titled “Scorched”) is on my schedule for next year now, in fact, in January. Also, FYI: I do plan on taking all of December off–a long Christmas break! But January 1st, 2023 I’m back at it with SC5.

The tentative release date will be in November of 2023, most likely the end of that month. We have a definite title now, the cover, and even the outline is done. Once I complete the manuscript, I will then get a professional edit. When that is nearing completion, I’m going to put up the preorder.

But in the meantime, I have something special for the first in the series, “Wildfire”, that I’m currently cooking up 😉 You’ll have to wait and see, but it’s so, so exciting!

You can find all my current releases below or on the website.

Annabel Allan’s current releases

More to come! Details anon!

Xoxo Annabel Lee.

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