Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

The return to Annabel Allan

Well, that didn’t last long! Haha.

Yes, I’m back. It was a short hiatus, apparently! XD We’re back with a new look and lots of stuff planned! Let’s just get into it!

Smoke Chaser

As you can see, the Smoke Chaser series is in the process of being re-released. As of today, “Wildfire” is available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon. “Firestorm” follows this week, on Wednesday, November 17th, 2021. “Fireline” is out two weeks after, and “Firewhirl” will be out two weeks after that.

Whew! Once we have the paperbacks and Kindles live, I will be releasing on Smashwords as well, with hopeful global distribution in digital–so, on Kobo, Nook, & Apple Books, etc. The paperbacks will be exclusive to Amazon.

I’m avoiding calling “Firewhirl” the final instalment. I will touch on that below…

Goode Pain

Ava is starting to tickle at my brain again! I have her slated for the springtime with “Master and Servant” to be completed and then submitted to BVS.

After M&S, there will be two more instalments. I’m unsure if we will end there, as I do plan on introducing a new character with their own separate series. Plus, there are spin-offs, feat. the characters from the same GP universe.

I’m not sure where this will go…but I’m excited for it!

His To Keep

“Submissive Tendencies” is out & you know what? The sequel is SUPER loud in my head! I’m working on “Domino Effect” right meow, in fact, it’s my NaNoWriMo project. I have a ~65k word count goal, and I should be at that within the next two weeks.

Currently, I’m trying to keep writing pages Monday to Friday…but I wrote on it yesterday & I will most likely today! Haha.

The Future:

So, yes, M&S is on the block for next year. I also have a FIFTH (most likely final) instalment planned for Smoke Chaser & the third and final for His To Keep. I’m going to try my hardest to get those done next year, especially HTK03 (which is slated for fall on my writing schedule).

I’m also going to be self-publishing a small collection of three shorts/novella’s in 2023. Each story will take place at Christmas–the first in the Smoke Chaser universe with “Fireside”. The second story will be GP, with “Leather Christmas”. And the final, will be in the HTK universe, as of yet untitled.

This is tentative plans for the Christmas anthology, also untitled. It was just an idea I had and thought would be fun. More to come on that!

I will do a post on “Domino Effect” later in the week. I’m going to try to post 2x a week with various updates & plans.

I’mma back! Thanks for sticking around! 🙂

Xoxo Annabel Lee.

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