Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

Where have I been?

Hello everyone, I’m back! It’s been almost a month…and I apologize.

Where have I been though?

After my procedure, I took some time to get back into the groove. I wasn’t really writing as I would have liked, but I had a project that I set my eyes on and wanted to complete. I wasn’t making the progress that I felt I should have been, and this was a signal to me that my mental health was deteriorating.

I decided that it was probably time to remedy that. So, things came about that I was able to adopt my kitten, Ulalume (who is a Ragdoll, just like in the Smoke Chaser series!). I’ve had here for just about a month now, but sadly, my other cat, Willow, got sick very suddenly and passed away about a week ago.

This was a serious blow to my mental health again. I had Willow for nearly 18 years. She was a big part of my life. In fact, I had her for over half my life. So, it’s been hard to adjust, but I gave myself some time to grieve, and now I’m done being a sullen Sally.

BIG THINGS are happening! Number one, HARD LIMITS went live on March 19th. Have you got your copy yet (paperback or Kindle)? Left a rating and review? What did you think? Let me know! I love to know!

Second, I got the cover art questionnaire for RIGGED! That’s right folks, Ava’s gonna be kickin’ some ass ASAP once again! Once I have the wicked cover art, I’m going to post it, obviously. This is very good news because it means that it’s being proof read and shall be formatted and sent to me soon. I don’t know how soon, maybe by the summer-time though!

Third, the super secret project is still going ahead–I have to finish it this week, as the deadline has moved up to May. But along with that, I will also be working on MASTER AND SERVANT. I just need to escape into one of my worlds, and Ava’s is the most fun right now. Hopefully, I’ll get it done ASAP and send that one in and we’ll have that out soon too.

Don’t forget, there are going to be 5 instalments–so there’s one more after MASTER AND SERVANT (titled TAKEN IN HAND). Once I complete the GOODE PAIN series, I’ll probably dabble in the spin-off series (which still doesn’t have a title, yet) and my new series, which is titled RED ACADEMY. Again, another BDSM thriller, featuring Dominatrix Kimbra Ferguson. New Domme, new submissives, new stories!

AND LASTLY! On MONDAY, MARCH 30th, 2020, I (Annabel Allan) will be doing a LIVE radio interview with the Talk About it Friday peeps on their broadcast! It airs at 10pm GMT (5pm EST) and we’ll be talking all things erotica! I’m so excited, and hope you guys can tune in!

On a serious note, my mental health isn’t 100%, especially with the COVID-19 isolation going on. How is everyone dealing with it? Are you okay? I hope everyone is doing the best they can, but if not, that’s totally okay too! This is a special situation that we were not prepared for. I just hope that everyone is doing the best they can, whatever that may be.

Xoxo Annabel Lee

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