Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan


As promised, here is a short excerpt from BACKFIRE! Backfire will follow the same events (plus new ones) of Wildfire, but from Quinn’s POV. Leave a comment with your thoughts & read below!

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By Annabel Allan


I remember when I first saw her; she was wearing burgundy lipstick.

Her naturally light blonde hair was in an intricate braid, sweeping across her shoulder. Her eyes looked bright and blue, though I know now that they change from a green to blue to grey, depending on her mood or what she wears.

Of course, I prefer when she wears nothing…or nothing but garters.

I can remember everything she wore from that day, from her burgundy skirt—her favourite colour—to her shimmery pearl coloured blouse. I could even remember her locket, which she wears often, a silver piece with a ruby on it.

She was sitting at her desk, her back to me as I walked down the length of the open concept room with dozens of people working away at their own desks. I was just going to see if Cassandra was going to be free for lunch; I didn’t expect her to knock me off my feet.

I kept my eyes ahead as I approached her desk, looking to the closed door of the office, instantly put off that I was going to have to wait.

“Uh, Mister Quinlan. Ms. Sloan is in a meeting,” a voice said from behind me.

I turned, only glancing at her for a moment before I did a double take—those blue eyes looked into mine with all the innocence in the world, that mouth a perfect pout accentuated by the dark lip colour. She held up a pen in her hand, nervously looking away from me.

My eyes swept up her figure, which is petite, small hips, though a good sized bust, her shimmery blouse hugging to them. Even through a blouse they looked delicious; I will forever be torn between having them in my hands or in my mouth. They were perfect; I could see that just from the little once over I did of her. It made something in me quicken.

At 6’1 I tower over her, even in her heels, but her legs looked long and silky in her black sheer pantyhose, her pumps accentuating her calves. But my eyes had to stop on that mouth once again; I didn’t expect to get an instant hard on the moment she opened that mouth.

“A meeting with whom?” I asked.

She swallowed hard, her eyes meeting with mine again, which sent a quick fiery wave through me, making my blood boil. “Um, her team for the Patterson case.”

I tried to keep my cool, keep my head together and ignore the erection that was being stirred just by her voice. I kept my head held high, my demeanor centered. I wasn’t going to let a beautiful face shake me—or at least admit that it had shaken me.

I kept eye contact. “Who is she having lunch with today, Miss…?”

“Fournier,” she said nervously, fiddling with things on her desk as her face tinted red. “Um…I’m not sure.”

“Well, you can cancel it, as she will be having lunch with me,” I said, keeping my voice level.

“Yes, sir,” she said with a jittery nod.

I focused on her lips again; they drove me wild! I could just imagine her on her knees, looking up to me, working her mouth on my cock. The image made me want to shift on my feet, as I felt everything in me set on fire. I kept myself centered; again, I wasn’t going to be shaken by a pretty face.

I suddenly felt the tingle of curiosity—I didn’t remember seeing her before. Being a new employee would mean she wouldn’t be aware of the rules that Cassandra put down, which included no office relationships. A quick fuck and I could get her out of my system. But, could I do it discreetly?

My brow furrowed. “I don’t remember seeing you around here before.”

She nervously, though obviously slighted, shook her head. “I’ve been Ms. Sloan’s assistant for nearly a year.”


I couldn’t help the smile that crossed me though, tugging at the corner of my mouth. My eyes went down to her chest again, then back up to her eyes. “I find that hard to believe. I’m sure I would have noticed you.”

The question that plagued me at that moment and since was why I hadn’t noticed her before that moment. There hadn’t been a woman up to that point or since that made me feel the way that she does. She conjures all the lust in me and makes it burn, scorching me to the core. It took everything in me not to grab hold of her and fuck her on her desk in front of everyone.

I could just imagine having her hot mouth on my cock, sinking deep into her pussy, taking her hard, hearing her moan my name—all from just one look and a few brief words. I, honestly, had never experienced it before. I was still somewhat rattled as I looked away from her.

“You will tell her that I was here, expect her for lunch,” I said.

I turned back as she nodded. “Yes, sir.”

It took everything in me to walk away from her, nodding. “Miss Fournier.”

I put my hands in my slacks as I started down towards the elevator casually, pushing the button, keeping my eyes forward. I was relieved as the bell rung, the doors opening, no one inside. I stepped onto it, getting a glimpse of her, her hand to her forehead before she sat down, the doors to the elevator closing.

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