It’s just a short five months before Stephanie Fournier is to walk down the aisle with the man of her dreams, the highly successful, formerly hottest bachelor in all of Toronto, Robert Quinlan. It’s been a bumpy ride but she’s kept her hands on him, no matter the obstacles that have come their way, and there have been many – including Quinn’s family, who are none too pleased with their rushed nuptials. Stephanie is a bride-to-be, this should be the happiest time of her life, but she finds that it’s a race against time to put the ring on her finger and escape the fire of their interference.

It’s been thirty days, but finally Stephanie Fournier gets to put her arms around the man of her dreams again. After his stint with his dangerous addiction, Robert Quinlan is back, being welcomed back with open arms, and eager to start anew. But outside forces still threaten to demolish their fiery relationship, walking a fine line to preserve the love they fought so hard to save from the flames.

Stephanie Fournier’s life has been turned upside down by Robert Quinlan – CEO of her company and man of her dreams. Their relationship is almost perfect, until doubts start creeping into Stephanie’s head as she is targeted by Quinn’s aunt, who believes she isn’t good enough for her influential nephew. When the stress gets too much for her, Stephanie insists on a break, which send Quinn into a pit of despair, sending him back to the past demons that he and Stephanie must face together.

Stephanie Fournier is a simple assistant at a law firm in Toronto, Ontario. She has her 9 to 5, but her real dream is to be a famous writer — until Robert Quinlan, the gorgeous CEO of the company takes up her thoughts. At first she takes to his obvious interest with glee…and then he finds out she’s a virgin.

His sudden disinterest is not only embarrassing, but awkward around the workplace, especially with the heat still present between them. Stephanie sets out to prove she’s unshaken, only to entice him back into her thrall. But can an amateur really win over an expert in the art of seduction?