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Annabel Allan


I wanted to do an update blog because things have changed! Number one, you will notice that all my handles for my various social media

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Behind the Mask

Well, I think it’s time I do an introductory post. I write under Annabel Allan, but my name is actually Stephanie. I obviously used my

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One hot summer!

Well, it’s been a while since I updated, but that’s because there’s not much to update. I haven’t heard anything about the Edgeplay, yet, so

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New tech!

I meant to post on Monday, but I got a new laptop, so I’m still learning the ropes on it! I went from an old

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Summertime, Downtime

I’ve been on my downtime between novels, just relaxing and enjoying myself. I’ve been reading, as well as researching a little, and watching films, of

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Ads & Instagram

Well, I’ve been kind of stuck when it comes to advertising because Facebook has policies about “adult content”. My page has been flagged and I

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