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Annabel Allan


This is unusual, because I mostly talk about GOODE PAIN in my blogs! BUT I’ve decided to go ahead with the novel from Quinn’s perspective, which is titled BACKFIRE: A Quinntessential Smoke Chaser novel.

It is WILDFIRE’s happenings from his POV. I know many of my readers, especially of WILDFIRE, wonder what Quinn was thinking. He often stops and stares, obviously in thought. I have found that this is definitely a way for the readers, as well as myself, to get to know him a bit better.

I was thinking of adding in some more scenes with Quinn and Stephanie, but went against it. The scenes with the two of them are those that are in WILDFIRE. But there are extra scenes from Quinn’s life withOUT Stephanie. I more of wanted to explore Quinn’s obsession and how he gets in touch and accepts his love for her. This one is more about Quinn’s feelings.

My tentative plans are to get this completed (I’m about 45 pages in) & then find a way to publish it, whether with the new publisher, Headline Accent, or finding another indie publisher OR I may just self-publish it.

I’m also trying to find ways to get the SMOKE CHASER series boosted again. My focus has been GP, so I’ve kind of neglected it. Of course, I would like it to be back in the top 5 on Amazon erotic romance charts, and to get more reviews and ratings.

SO, I am also going to see about an audio book. The question is, should it be an audio book of WILDFIRE or BACKFIRE? Would you rather hear Stephanie’s voice or Quinn’s? This is just in the idea stage, not even close to development. I have to pull some strings to make it happen, so it may be a bit until I have everything ready and planned out.

There is also a little Christmas story that I want to release too, titled FIRESIDE. Not too sure if it’s going to be from Stephanie’s or Quinn’s POV…I still have to write it! Haha.

So, we do have plans for SC. Hopefully, I’ll have an update soon on it.

Xoxo Annabel Lee.

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