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Friday Thrills- Lessons on Seduction by Estelle Pettersen

Here we are, our next Friday Thrills Review! Today is the contemporary erotic romance LESSONS ON SEDUCTION by Estelle Pettersen.

Released by Black Velvet Seductions on July 30th, 2020, LESSONS ON SEDUCTION is a contemporary erotic romance with some (light) BDSM elements.


When college student Sapphire Blake finds herself fresh out of a breakup, she is ready to embark on a new journey in her life. A dark, sensual journey. Freeing herself from the expectations set by her family, friends, and church, an innocent and unworldly Sapphire begins experimenting with her new casual lover, Vera Richland. 
Julian Richland is ridiculously handsome, smart, and intimidating. This university professor finds himself enthralled in a sensual relationship with a woman willing to pay top money for his time in the bedroom. To pay off his debts and continue leading his lavish lifestyle, Julian discovers the world filled with sex, drugs, and lies may not be for him as he first thought. With his contract almost up, Julian has his sights set on a new endeavor. 
When the pair are introduced by none other than Julian’s own sister, sparks are ignited as Julian sees past the conservative stigma Sapphire believes the world has placed on her. Instead, he sees a sexy vixen—and he can’t help but admit he wants her.
As the couple begins a dangerous, passionate liaison, secrets become exposed and lives are threatened. Will Julian be able to save his relationship with Sapphire and rekindle the fiery flame they share? Or, will fate have another ending in store? Find out in this thrilling and erotic new adult romance novel. 

I preordered this novel and then signed up for the ARC, which I received and devoured. The cover is absolutely beautiful, done by Jessica Greeley, the resident cover artist and graphic designer for BVS.

I gave it four stars because it was just a shade of being perfect! Let’s go over the good things first:

Number one, the steamy scenes are extremely well done. I was taking notes while reading because they were so hot, I knew that I could learn and expand on it! I especially enjoyed the kink and BDSM scenes (obviously! Look who you’re talking to!) the most. Especially when Sapphire is more Dominant. I noticed that, so far, the fellow BVS authors know their stuff when it comes to the erotic. It makes the story enjoyable because you don’t skip over anything.

Number two, obviously, Julian is gorgeous and a very good MC and love interest. He has a little vulnerability to him, yet he’s confident and sexy. I also liked how protective he was, not crossing that line of unhealthy. It was just enough.

And number three, this is yet another amazing example of split perspective done right, especially in first person, which surprised me. Usually you see double POV through third person. This was well executed and worked for this particular story.

Okay, now what I wasn’t too hot on: it felt a bit rushed, like the timeline was there, but I felt like I was missing things because of how the story progressed–saying that, as you get to the end, you sort of sink into it and get used to it. I think a little more elaboration (especially in the beginning) to keep it cohesive would have helped give it the extra oomf it needed.

Also, a few parts of the dialogue were a little cringy for me. I think that had to do with the fact that I didn’t connect with Sapphire, who I didn’t even really start to like on any level until the climax. I connected more with Vera & feel a story just about her would be more engaging, though in reality, you gotta start somewhere and introduce the characters! You can’t have one without the other. (Also, a little bird told me the author is writing a second book about Vera! So, that’s exciting!). But it just seemed a bit forced, the conversation between Sapphire and Julian, but that was mostly in the beginning. Their flirting was excellent, but normal conversation was just not there for me and I hate it when a character’s name is used far too much. But that’s just nitpicking, really!

Sapphire Blake breaks the mould with the “church mouse” character. She is sassy and more open minded than I thought a young woman growing up as a Baptist would be. I feel like there’s more there that’s missing, yet again. I really thought I would have connected with her because I grew up Catholic and then events in my life caused me to lose my faith and then rediscover myself, especially when it comes to sex. For some reason, Saph wasn’t as likeable for me until the ending.

One very good thing about this novel is that the BDSM, though on the “lighter” side, was well done.It didn’t breach onto the extreme or the unrealistic. Obviously, kinkier the better for me, and I enjoyed the mention of pansexuality, as well as just how open most of the characters were about their sexuality and how healthy sex is, in general.

So, yes, FOUR STARS. I want to give Estelle kudos for her debut novel being a very strong outing. A lot of my cons are mostly my own problem, as the reader, and as I said, nitpicking. 

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