Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

His Vanilla Girl by Patricia Elliott

I was asked by fellow BVS author Patricia Elliott to give a gander at her WIP on Wattpad, HIS VANILLA GIRL. This is my review!

This is Patricia’s first foray into the BDSM erotic romance! I have to say, it was extremely well-done. The thriller/murder aspect was also top notch, keeping you guessing (I totally didn’t guess who the baddie was, that came out of nowhere!) and on the tips of your toes. The quality of writing is excellent; she knows how to tell a story. It kept me engaged and wanting more.

The MC, our heroine, Maria, is probably one of the best I have ever read! She’s relatable and so, so funny! I like how she starts out as unsure and timid, even shy, and then develops more confidence. BUT she does still have some of that timidity and even naivety, which makes her more believable. We don’t just shed our shyness and be a badass, we’re human and have our moments of weakness. She reverts back, but reclaims her feminine power. I also honestly think she’s a Switch! Haha.

Our MC hero, Sylvester/Caleb, is a stellar Dom. He’s very confident, exerts his control, but is definitely caring and concerned with Maria’s welfare. I would have liked to have seen him push her limits a little, maybe have one of her soft limits become a fetish, but his love for her (and lust) is one of those things you root for; you want this couple to succeed.

In regards to the BDSM aspect, though it’s light and I feel it could use a really good, intense scene between the main characters, I do also feel that it was accurate and safe, sane, and consensual. Caleb is a healthy Dom, though he also has his own issues–and he knows that he needs to deal with them for his relationship with Maria to be successful.

I’m gonna give HIS VANILLA GIRL 4.5 stars! Just because I’m a kinky b*tch and wanted more spice! Haha.

If you want to read HIS VANILLA GIRL, head on over to Wattpad! Click HERE.

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Also, catch Patricia HERE on Facebook and HERE on Twitter.

Xoxo Annabel Lee.

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