Annabel Allan

Annabel Allan

The Smoke Chaser Series

I figured I would update everyone on what is going on with my debut series.

Accent Press & their imprint Cariad was bought out by Hachette UK last year. My books were moved over to the new publisher, but there were significant glitches and sales dwindled. After a lot of back & forth over the past 6 months, I finally have an answer & plans for the future of the series.

THE ANSWER: the paperback was either unavailable or out of print on all platforms. This is because the imprint Headline Accent is no longer going to have the print of backlisted books, like Smoke Chaser series, available for purchase. Also, on some platforms certain instalments were not available even in eBook.

They offered to look into the reasoning behind the books not being available OR give me my rights back. I am sad to say, I opted to have my rights returned to me for the series.

FUTURE PLANS: Firstly, once I have confirmation that the rights are mine again & the books are taken down from the various platforms, I will be taking them to another publisher. I already have one in mind.

Second, I will be writing a new instalment, a fifth one. It may be the final, but I am unsure. I have learned to never say never, because the series was to end on the third book and ended up with a fourth and now a fifth will be written.

For now, until I update later on when I receive my rights back, the books ARE available for purchase, just not on certain platforms. I apologize for this, & I am going to work very hard to get the books back up with a new publisher ASAP.

Xoxo Annabel Lee.

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